What are the Advantages of a Private Car Service Over a Taxi/Uber?

Whether you are considering hiring a company to provide transportation to the airport, a wedding, or another event you are probably debating taking a taxi/Uber or a private car service. When it comes to dependability and service there really is not a debate. Taxis or Ubers are great when you suddenly need a ride, but when planning ahead, hiring a private car service is the more reliable option.

If you plan on taking a taxi or an Uber you are relying on a car being available at that exact moment. When you schedule a ride with a private car service, you are guaranteed to have a car ready to pick you up on time and take you to your destination. The best example of the importance of dependability is when you need transportation to the airport. If you need a ride to the airport, you need to be sure that a car is available at that time. Since the plane will not be waiting for you, you need to get to the airport on time! When you call a private car service you will have a car waiting for you on time, every time. The same dependability is important for your trip back from the airport. When you get off of the plane you do not want to stand outside waiting for a trip home. With a car service you will have a car waiting for you so you will be on your way home as soon as you pick up your luggage. Donít worry about your flight being delayed or arriving early because we track your flight and make sure we are there before you land.

Another advantage of a private car service is the professional staff that will be driving you. Taxis and Ubers are focused on getting as many rides done as they can in a short amount of time, but we are focused on providing the best service to ensure a positive experience. We constantly receive compliments about how friendly and professional our drivers are. We are focused on dependability and ensure that we will be on time, every time.

The common misconception is that a private car service is much more expensive than taking an Uber or taxi. Our competitive prices may surprise you all while providing a more dependable and quality service. Do you need a trip to the airport or to an event? Feel free to contact us or call 913-381-5100 to learn more!





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